A Few Words About Us

Our curriculum is based on the standards of the National Guild of Piano Teachers. There are three levels, which are divided into sub-levels; in order of Elementary (beginner) to Preparatory (most advanced) and A-F (sub-levels). All the students are required to participate in the National Piano Playing Auditions every year in order to be qualified to advance to the next level. The entire academic year at Rhapsody is dedicated to aiding our students in preparing a suitable program (pieces) to perform in front of a judge at the Auditions. They will be graded upon their performance, which in turn, will determine whether or not the student is eligible to proceed to the next level of study. Each child in our school has the opportunity to attain a High School Diploma in Music or a Diploma in Social Music.

To acknowledge the wonderful accomplishment of the students who participated in the Audition, Rhapsody Academy of Music holds an annual recital between mid-November/December. Awards are also distributed during this recital. In additional to receiving awards, the recital gives each student experience in public performance.

Thank you for your interest in the program at Rhapsody Academy of Music.

We look forward to working with you and your children!

Why Choose Us

  • We have experienced and professional teachers who work hard to give each
    student individual attention.
    Each lesson teaches music theory and sight reading skills which will
    prepare students to become independent musicians.
    We offer recitals and social activities for students as well as an
    opportunity to play in a small ensemble.